The ADD-ON Series

Discover the special assortment of Xoopar. They don't belong to a family because they're strong as their own! PowerCard is the most famous and slimmest charger we've made! From in-flight magazines to retail stores it's a global hit. Splash POP is our pop-colored water proof speaker for indoor and outdoor use. Indoor Because you have a big suction cup to attach on wall, SD Card slot to listen without phone. Just stick and listen music. Outdoor because it's shockproof and comes with a carabiner to hook anywhere you want. And Bubble-Bang is the slim 4000 power bank with suction cups, colourful fashionable power bank that can merge with your phone, stick and charge. More to discover on below page!

As all Xoopar's products they aim: Easy to use, matching everyday life and stylish. For you, for him/her for all the ones you care for.

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